Friday, May 23, 2008

Late Night Blogging is Bad For My Health

It's late, I know. I got out of work late because some equipment malfunctioned right before we left and I had to call it in. On the way home, I realized we were out of milk for breakfast and stopped to buy some and a mango on sale. When I finally got home, there was my hubby putting out the trash; he was supposed to be in bed a long time ago because he has to be at work at 5am. Because I wasn't home on time, he wasn't keeping track while doing some work on the computer. It had to be done before he could go to bed, so he was up anyway. I drank iced coffee to get through the night at work, and now I can't sleep. Iced coffee is pretty potent stuff. So, I blog. I am crazy.

I've been reading Reason For God by Tim Keller. I thank God for this book. In fact, I'm thankful for a lot of books I've read that helped me grow in following Christ. When I was in college, I started with my first serious book during my sophmore year, The Pursuit of Holiness, by Jerry Bridges. I was a relatively new to the Bible and had just started being discipled. I couldn't get past the first chapter for four months, it was hard for me to read. But I kept trying. I took it with me to read it during the summer, in the park on Sunday afternoons, my only day off in the week. It finally clicked sometime in July, probably because out of my frustration I started praying that God would help me understand. Before this book, I didn't read anything more challenging than Ann Kiemel books. (After Kiemel got married, she almost disappeared until she wrote her last book about how she and her husband became adoptive parents). After Bridges, a door to my heart and mind swung open. I read A.W. Tozer, Amy Carmichael, Francis Schaeffer, Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, Hannah Hurnard, Elizabeth Elliot, C.S. Lewis (who knew that he wrote more than the Narnia Chronicles?)...a whole new world with new biblical thought and a new biblical vocabulary.

For a long period between the time I graduated and maybe until now, very few books I read since then came close to the classics that fed me during college. I think I fell into the Christian "self help" book pit for a long time, where I read about boundaries, hedges in marriage, building my mate's self-esteem, love languages, and making peace with my past. They weren't the only books I read, but a majority. I almost fell into a "New Kind of Christian" pit full of Brian McClaren and Rob Bell type of books, but it was a brief and shallow pit. For a little while after that, I just read my Bible, like my husband always does. Occasionally, I found a book that challenged me such as Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias or The Question of God by Dr. Armand Nicholi, Jr.

Things have changed since then. I will explain why later. It's getting late, and I don't want to be still up when my husband's alarm goes off. I will also explain why we have this silly work arrangement sometime, too. If you have a suggestion for a good book to read, feel free to comment.

Except for Confessions by Augustine. Please, I've already tried. No can do. Maybe some other day, but not today. Thanks, anyway.

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