Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Not Your Typical Movie

Finally. I watched "I'm Not There" and it was as wonderful and complex as I heard it was.

It was refreshing to see that a person can have many layers and a biography need not be a linear account of "he did this and later, he did that". And it was great to see that the makers did not flinch from the spiritual themes in Dylan's life. They fully took it in and even worked the theme of being born again and salvation into the storyline. Several personas "die" but interestingly, some do not. For instance a charming, lying, faking poser transforms into a seeker of truth. How ironic is that?

I'll spare you my critique and plot summation. But I will say I laughed sometimes --Julianne Moore as a type of Joan Baez was hilarious to me ("I thought he was just this twerp hanging around ...we were all amazed at the music that came out of that little toad...and those lyrics, he was churning them out like ticker tape..."). The acting, all around, was great.

It was nice to see an American movie that wasn't your typical American movie. Well, it wasn't about a typical American musician. Take that, American Idol.
I do recommend the soundtrack CD. The difficult thing about listening to Dylan's music is listening to Dylan. The CD is a compilation of various of current artists, the old songs are given a contemporary touch without a loss of Dylan's meaning.

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