Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fast and...

We were out to lunch with old friends. The weather was bright and clear, not too much heat and a little mugginess. The guys left, leaving Donna and me chatting a few hours more. The clouds came in by the time we walked out to my car. I wanted to spend a few minutes at Donna's house, visiting with Donna's kids and husband. But the star of the show was the new puppy, Lucy, that Donna's college age daughter got.

I was holding Lucy in my lap on the couch facing the sliding glass door to the backyard. The youngest son, recently graduated from firefighter's academy, yelled that a tornado was in our community, time to go into the basement. And right then the winds blew fast and hard. And I sat and watched with a sleepy puppy in my arms, guessing that I might have to wait a little before driving home at best or ducking for cover at worst. By the time the tornado siren went off and the tv was turned on, the storm had passed over us. If there was a tornado, it was already too late.

That fast.

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