Saturday, June 28, 2008


On Thursday early morning, when I got home from work I was surprised to see Fredo was still here. He was supposed to have been picked up by his new owners, a retired couple who seemed to really like him. The next morning, Dennis said that they didn't come by nor did he hear from them. I was surprised and wondered if they were okay. Dennis was hoping that they had changed their minds, Fredo was really growing on him and he realized he'd miss this little kitten more than all the rest. Right then we got a call from the prospective owners and it turned out there was a trip to the emergency room. They were sorry and hoped we still had the kitten. Dennis said that we did, but we are thinking about keeping him. And it appeared as though they had a lot on their hands right now. They sounded like they were relieved to hear that they weren't obligated. On Sunday we'll give our final answer.

Right now, I just got back from work. Carly is in her basket by my desk, and Fredo is on my desk. Now, I might have two computer companions. We'll see.

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