Saturday, June 07, 2008


I just got home from work. It's a little after midnight. Saturday is here.

I'll be up for a while longer--a friend is driving in for the weekend and will arrive early this morning. Since Dennis needs to get up a 4am to go to work, I'm up to greet our guest.

Friday was a good day.

I went to Margie's for a women's bible study with internationals. We are studying the parables of Jesus together. It was fun and encouraging. A few of our group haven't become believers yet. But it was sweet to see them come closer to the faith, to develop a deeper picture of the life we have in Jesus and be exposed to the truth in God's word.

Then, I brought Batman the kitten to his new home, to meet his new family. My co-worker Aimee took him in. As I watched him interact with his new dog friend and his new kids, I knew he was going to fit right in. Aimee and I worked together last night. She got a phone call from her husband who told her that Batman had pizza for dinner with the kids--he actually stole a slice from her 2 year old girl and took off to a hiding place under a desk to chow down on it. They all thought it was hilarious. I was mortified, he had never had such bad manners in our house to help himself to "people food" right off of their plates. But his new family liked his spunkiness, that he had a personality and wasn't afraid of them. Yep, I guess he really did fit right in.

After that, I swam a mile at the "Y". For the last two months, I've been sporadic in my lap swimming, averaging about once a week, and not for long work outs. I tapered out to not even a quarter mile. It's not enough. So a few days ago, I decided to get serious. I swam 10 laps one day, 16 laps the next and yesterday went to 26, which in our pool is a mile. The session of 10 laps, I really felt out of shape and did only the breaststroke. The next set of 16 laps, I felt as though I was really pushing it and I could do no more. Yesterday's workout, I felt I was only getting started when I finished the first half mile. It surprised me that I had a little more in me than I thought. And out of the 26 laps, I did eight with breaststroke and 17 freestyle with my last lap a backstroke. A lazy backstroke--my reward for finishing the mile under an hour.

With swimming laps, sometimes there is a law of diminishing returns. The more you do, the less you get out of it because of tiredness and boredom. Unless I have goals, I am not very motivated. For several months, I worked towards a goal and I met it. It was hard to figure out where to go next. Or how to get there once I figured it out. I don't know if I want to keep on tacking more miles. I probably have it in me to swim at least two miles. But it won't be under 2 hours. The more laps, the slower I'll probably get and where is the cardio workout in that? Yesterday, I figured out how to go a bit faster and smoother, just by adjusting the position of my head. I would like to learn how to do flip turns. It's basically turning oneself into a pretzel under water, I have a hard time just visualizing the move. And getting over the fear of crashing into the wall.

And sometimes, I forget to have fun in the process. The lazy finish with the slow backstroke reminded me how much I like to just be in the water. I swim for a lot of benefits regarding my health. But I also swim for the pleasure of it. It is relaxing to forget everything else and to just concentrate on breathing and my swim. Furthermore, when I am in good form, it is a great sensation as I feel the power of each stroke sculling me through the water. I feel like I'm flying for a few moments. For years, I've enjoyed watching experienced swimmers with their grace and ease. It is a thrill to think that I could become one of them.

The friend should be here soon. Time to go.

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