Thursday, July 17, 2008

Multi-purpose Room

Dennis and I finished the guest room today. Tomorrow, we'll have a guest.

The room will also serve as a sort of office for me when guests aren't around. Someplace to put all the books and there's a table by the window where I can write. I can also go there to pray without distractions from the tv or computer. Our bedroom is my chief quiet time and prayer place, but I get interrupted by Dennis a lot. Not that I mind, but I need somewhere peaceful.

I picked an amazing blue for the walls. I am not a "blue" type of person. I'm more green than anything. Or earth tones. But this shade communicates peace to me. The problem is that I don't have a lot of stuff that goes with blue. And we painted most of the furniture white. I have a lot of teacups, my grandmother and mom started me on a collection when I was 13 and I have no where to put them, so I wanted to find a spot for them in this room. However, I didn't want the space to look too Victorian or fussy.

I was planning on putting brown in, as a sort of modern feel. I like the color combination and it is really contemporary. But as I was thinking it over a few days ago, I felt the room needed to be light and bright. A cheerful place. I went to several stores to look things over, planning to get a comforter but I didn't find a thing I liked. While at Pier One, I hit on the idea of feminine but funky at the same time. A touch of the ocean perhaps. The teacups mixed with sea glass. I found a three panel picture set of flowers in bright hues, a really modern feel. I bought a bronze turtle for the wall and a capize shell sun catcher. And a striped seat cushion for a wooden chest that would turn into a window seat. I can use the old quilt I've always had in there, and I'm thinking of leaving the windows plain with just the wood blinds. The room will be permanently summer. Something to help me through the long Michigan winters. Somewhere I'll draw near to God.

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