Thursday, July 03, 2008

Reality Checks

Dennis and I are going to paint the wood trim on the exterior with an espresso brown to accent the tone of beige of the siding. My major pet peeve about our home's appearence is that it seems very bland. The contrast of the brown against the beige will definately make it stand out more to boost the "curb appeal". And those two colors would also complement the blue and grey tones of the rock facade. I thought about using a grey trim instead, but grey is overused in this neighborhood, as well as light blue.

We are also painting the guest room. I decided to make it very feminine, with a floral border and white lace balloon curtains. Will I like it? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Dennis and I clash a little because I don't feel like the decisions are set in stone, that if I have a receipt, I can take the floral border and the curtains back. Dennis can't stand this kind of indecision, because he believes my initial choices are fantastic. Well. Maybe they are. But the more I think about it, the more I hate it. It seems boring. I wanted to go towards more "shabby chic" but I am not sure that I'll actually get there with the border.

Decorating is something I usually love to do, but nowadays, I'm less than excited about it. I'm afraid that my tastes are running too far behind the times. I'm stuck in the '90's, maybe. And that is a kind of hard period to define, except the theme of "country" being pervasive.

That's it. The border and the lace are going back to the store.

In other news, Starbucks announced this week the decision to close 600 stores that aren't profitable. Everyone has been asking me about the store I work in. Actually, it is a very profitable store (and I thank all our customers that make it so). But you never know. After the 600 are closed, would that be enough? I hope so. But it makes sense to be at the top of my game and bring the rest of the store to exceed expectations. Reality check.

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