Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Tonight, I'm the class teacher for beginning ESL students. I've had a week to plan how to get 8 women from all over the world to participate in conversation about vacations--the topic of the week. I've had many creative ideas, but I'm not sure if they'll be effective. Usually, Louis teaches, but he's on vacation.

Last week, he launched into this week's topic when we had extra time at the end of the class. So, I will probably review the subject of travel. Louis also told us that he was going to Mackinac Island, so we will talk about what that place is like--no cars or motorized vehicles and can only reached by boat. And I will teach them how to ask Louis about his vacation.

I also plan to bring magazines that they can cut pictures out of about vacations, and talk about their pictures. I saw this once or twice in Seattle when I went to a few parties hosting international students at Warren and Hilve Mason's home. It helped the Internationals understand a little of what the Americans were talking about. And it gave them a little more confidence to have a picture or two to help them visualize what to say.

So, I'm looking forward to tonight, to be able to spend time with my friends from Turkey, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, China, Hong Kong, and Brazil!

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