Friday, August 08, 2008

Curb Appeal

It's time to paint our house trim. Our home is kind of bland, with a nondescript grey tan siding, a blue-ish kind of rock facade by the front window and wood and window trim in the same color as the siding. Our door is navy blue. The roof is a mix of reddish and cocoa brown. Something always seems to be missing, and I can't figure what it is.

I think that the problem would be solved with the right wood and window trim. But our front windows are a boxy bump out, three dimensional design that would look clownish with too much contrast. It was meant to look like some kind of contemporary design that designated it as a '90's midwestern house. So, that is probably why the siding and trim are the same color, so that the windows wouldn't stand out too much.

What I want is a little more personality and a lot more warmth. We are thinking about ripping out the juniper bushes in front of the living room window and putting in window boxes for flowers and color. And maybe bring out that rock facade to the left of the front door that no one notices.

I've got a bunch of paint samples in front of me, and I'm trying to visualize the effects of the different hues on our home. Originally, I thought that an espresso trim would be the ticket, but as I look at it, it wouldn't do our exteriors any favors by emphasizing the bump outs. It would make us look like we attached boxes to our house. And all you would see is those boxes, very little else. Too much contrast. Any dark color would have the same effect.

I'm leaning towards a neutral one or two shades darker than the siding. Veronica, our neighbor who just painted her wood trim, suggested taupe. She has excellent taste, she is the new Jamaican wife of Curtis, our bachelor neighbor in his 50's and after she moved in, that home went through a radical change from scruffy to lovely. Every morning as we sit on our back deck, Veronica comes out to water her tomatoes and we have a great chat.

So, we'll see. There will be pictures. I hope there will be radical but good results.

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