Thursday, August 14, 2008


Fredo, the fighter kitty, is getting big. When he was born, he was the biggest kitten in the litter, next was Vito, who was as big but not as dense. Vito tended to be a little more leaner. Fredo is bigger than his mom, Carly.

We are letting him outside. He has too much energy and wants to jump and run and be places he is not supposed to be in. We have a tree next to our second story deck that he climbs up and down on to get access to the back yard. This evening, I watched him jump up to the top of the shed and sit there surveying the vast expanse of his backyard domain.

But even with all the power that this 6 month old kitten possesses, he submits. It's a crazy thing to have such a strong, weighty feline in my arms and just lay there. When he has had enough of being carried, he wriggles and pushes away from me, but he doesn't pull out the claws in panic. He hangs around Ginger, our big retriever, and sometimes Ginger grabs him by the head and haul him around. He just goes limp and lets her drag him with his head in her mouth. He doesn't mind. Other times, Ginger holds him down with her jaws around his neck and he doesn't fight it. And he's not afraid of her either. He chases her, plays with her and when she's taking a nap, lies down next to her, purring.

It's been a bit of a funny thing, figuring out the character of this calm and confident kitten, who will grow to be an amazing cat.

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