Monday, August 04, 2008


I am a fairly consistent blogger, but I didn't feel like writing for awhile. I had an infection in my right foot and for a diabetic, even one like me with her blood sugar under control and making all the right lifestyle changes, it is a really bad thing. I had strong antibiotics, talked to more doctors in one week than I do in one year and got the week off to keep my foot elevated. I would like to think that I'm out of the woods, but until I see my family doctor tomorrow and get the official ok, I'm going to keep praying.

I won't be swimming for awhile, because I think that I'm pretty vulnerable for a bit longer. It's a bummer, I was attempting to complete 25 miles by August 30th. I got to five miles, and I think that it is partly to blame for my problems--the best shower shoes in the world don't protect you from the germs around showers and pools if you have even the smallest crack in your foot.

So what did I do all that time? Actually, it went pretty fast. I had a lot of books to read, I ventured into books I usually don't look at twice or read a long time ago. But I slept most of the time. It's hard to believe, but I would get 10 hours sleep and then take a late morning nap and a late afternoon one. Never been that tired in my life before. It was stressful watching my foot turn colors, I would go nuts with what all needed to be done around the house and start cleaning only to look down to get freaked out at my right foot.

I had no appetite, either. Nada. My blood sugar actually got kind of low, even though I was doing hardly anything. Yesterday I actually ate a whole meal at Shauna's house. It was nice. This morning I couldn't finish my toast nor half my omelette. I guess I was a lot sicker than I thought I was.

When I was sick, I really couldn't concentrate or think that deeply. When I thought of stuff, it was usually things like how to navigate around all the stairs in our home if I lost one foot. Our associate pastor asked me share about leading a friend to Christ, so I thought through that narrative constantly. It was great, it got my mind off my troubles and on to God's Kingdom.

I went to work today. I wore support socks and an extra layer of black cotton socks. I worked two hours, went to an hour and a half meeting, then worked another hour. When I got home, it was like Christmas as I anticipated my foot's condition as I unwrapped it. Today, I got a gift. My foot looked perfect, although it felt a little sore. I felt tired, but it was not like a day or so ago where I was physically fatigued just walking across the room.

So, even though this was a difficult time, I am thankful. God touched a sensitive issue in my life, and I think I grew as I went through it. I prefer never to endure anything like this again, but it wasn't wasted. More about this later.

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