Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn is Here!

The rash on my legs has healed, and I have slowed down considerably. However, I made dinner last night, which was great. It was baked salsa chicken with cheesy potatoes. It's good to be on cooking duty again. Dennis helps out a lot still. We are a regular Iron Chef team together.

I spoke with a godly and astute newlywed wife this afternoon. Her questions sounded so familiar, reminding me of my early years with Dennis, trying to figure things out and learning some things the hard ways, but most things I learned with God's help and with the support of godly older women like Donna Tobey who has been married eight years longer than me. I don't know how I would have made it without her and so thankful that God put us together in California and now again in Michigan.

As for organizing, I am almost done. I started several notebooks. I had my addresses and spiritual disciplines notes all in the same binder, but now I've divided them into two different binders. I started a new binder for ministry, for notes for one-to-one times and witnessing. I'm thinking of starting a new notebook for fellowship, including notes from my church and small group. All this organizing is actually a work in progress. It is a non-stop process.

My pre-Christmas planning has hardly started yet, but I let Dennis know what my state of mind is about it. We're having two out of town guests, plus a trip to visit a close friend's family down in Ohio. So, it's starting up pretty quickly. We will have international students over for Thanksgiving dinner, and probably a few over for a small game night/Christmas party. I am wondering if we should host a New Year's party for neighbors, or maybe a Valentine's party for neighbors instead. Last year, Dennis baked banana bread for our neighbors and we delivered them with Christmas cards. I think we could make that an annual tradition, plus an invitation to visit our church for Christmas. I also want to work on a contemplative and meditative process for my time in the Word during this time as well.

I am available for the collegiate ministry with women this year, and this is especially encouraging. Mostly because God uses these times to make me grow and stretch my faith and deepen my prayer life. I'm praying that my relationships with these young women would be deep and lifelong.

Yes, this is amazing.

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