Friday, September 26, 2008

A Fight

On Tuesday, I walked over half a mile on a treadmill and then swam 6 or 7 laps. I was taking it easy, and the usual swollen feet and ankles did not appear like they have for the last three weeks in a row. A small victory.

On Wednesday, I was getting ready for work, marveling over my perfect feet as I got dressed. I knew it was going to be a great day no matter what happened. And a lot happened. At the end of my shift after spending most of it on my feet, I felt a little burning around my calves. I got home and was changing out of my work clothes and saw a red angry burning rash go from my ankles to my knees. So Dennis drove me to Urgent Care for the second emergency health visit I've had in two months.

I didn't wait long to see the physician's assistant, and she showed me how the rash was my body's way of trying to get rid of excess fluid since I have problems with the valves in my legs. They've completely collapsed and I have to elevate my legs at all times. Reality.

So, I had to get two shifts covered while I re-cover from this rash. It looks a little better. The PA told me that if I don't deal with it now, the rash will start to ooze the fluid from the water retention. My body is protesting. It is rebelling.

I wear mild compression stockings, but it is obvious that I need to wear firm compression socks. A lot of this is also related to my kidney issues that are taking time to resolve. I'm almost normal, but obviously not normal enough.

Diabetes is a balancing endeavor. The nurse at Urgent Care told me that it isn't too late for me, that I can reverse all this. She encouraged me, she gave me hope. After all the work, I have some good numbers to reflect that from my labs. I had one problem with an infected foot and it has been a fight ever since. But I will not give up.

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