Friday, September 19, 2008

Make Over

A few weeks ago, I dyed my hair reddish brown. I read somewhere that skin with pink tones is compatible with red hair. But when I looked in the mirror, I saw red hair and red skin. So I was wearing make-up to decrease the ruddiness. There is a "corrector" available in shades of green that you can wear under your foundation. But without it, I looked more sunburned than usual. Under the lights behind the bar at work, my hair looked even more red and so did my skin.

I went to Regis at the mall and had blond partial highlights put in. My hair has nice little thin stripes now. It looks fine at home and in daylight, but under the lights at work, it looks orange. However, my face is a little more balanced. Am I satisfied? Probably not. But a few of my regular customers, Lauren in particular, have commented that I change my hair everytime they see me.

Who knew that the upside of growing old and getting grey is the chance to continually re-invent myself?

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