Thursday, September 11, 2008

Starbucks--The Movie

In 2009, Tom Hanks will star in "Starbucks" based on the memoir by Michael Gill "How Starbucks Saved My Life" about the years he worked as a barista after being fired from his firm at 63 years old. He brags "I can still detail a bathroom like a ferrari". He better.

Despite rave reviews from Christine, my partner who now works at Corporate in Seattle, I still haven't read the book. I'm sure it's great. And I hope a lot of people read and enjoy it, as well as the upcoming movie. Gill, from the snippets I read, does well at describing the culture of working at a Starbucks, that it is more than just a job. And unlike most workplaces, there is a sort of home or family feeling that outsiders, even the most regular customers, aren't aware of.

So now all of that will go on the big screen. I've thought of my life at Starbucks as a world unto itself, a separate universe all my own. I'm sure that everything will be accurate and portrayed just like I know it. And it is disappointing.

Everything about the company I love is open to the public. And now, this too.

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