Sunday, October 26, 2008

Accepting Autumn

One of the pleasures of Michigan (yes, there are some)is autumn. It's colorful, usually, and crisp air invigorates me without freezing me. I say hello to all my favorite sweaters back from storage and pack the summer clothes away. I love the foods of harvest and the ability to bake a batch of cookies just to warm up the house. But it's a transitional time, winter is coming soon. Autumn is the consolation prize for shoveling snow--raking leaves prepares your muscles for the tougher job coming up in a few months.

I'm learning that I have to embrace where I am at by embracing the local climate changes. Since I live mostly in my head, this embracing attitude must include experiencing the weather with all my senses. Winter doesn't seem so long and weary if I appreciate the benefits of fall right now. I don't always take advantage of God's gift of autumn while I have it.

So I will prepare my seasonal pumpkin stew, bake some apples, rake some leaves, take leaf collecting walks, and sip some tea.

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