Thursday, October 02, 2008

Health Matters

Yesterday, I swam about 10 laps in half an hour. Almost normal for me. I had to rest between laps, especially my freestyle laps. It was great.

Afterward, I went to Weight Watchers and found out I lost 4 pounds. There is a meeting at my YMCA once a week, so I can go after my swim.

My legs are continually compressed with special socks, and I'm beginning to accept that. I had a hard time concentrating on Sunday during our class, I was noticing sockless feet and open toed sandals, remembering way back when.

Today I had to have blood work done. The med techs know me by now even though they forget where the only good vein in my arm is. I should get a tattoo. We commiserated about bad veins (the reason I have bad circulation in my legs) and I found out that this happens to a lot of people without any apparent reason.

So, life goes on.

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