Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Promise Was Made

It was doctor time today. Dr. A wanted to see me after the lab results got in about my kidneys. I've improved some more, and he was pleased. But that was a brief second. We had to talk about my blood pressure and the meds I've taken and then quit.

I'm diabetic, and even though my bp is under 140/90, he wanted to see it a little lower. Like, under 140/85. We went through the fact I decided to stop the Norvasc after my legs swelled up and I got a rash. He wanted me to tell him before I decide to quit a prescription. Before, I took Metaprolel and it turned out I was allergic and couldn't breathe. And he took me off Lisinoprol because it made my kidneys crazy. And before that, I took another common bp med that made my throat swell. Dr. A reviewed all of this and told me that we went through all the major meds possible and then he gave me an analysis of last resort options that probably won't help much.

He said that there was another option, and that was to loose 20 pounds in three months or else he'll have to prescribe another nasty blood pressure medication. He told me if I was willing to make a promise to him that I would do this. I promised.

It took me a year to lose 20 pounds. And now, I've promised to lose the same amount in a quarter of the time. No more goofing off.

No more goofing off at the pool. Time to get serious. So, today, I pushed myself a little more than usual and swam 14 laps nonstop in half an hour. No flirting with my husband, no chatting with Jo Lee, no sharing my life story with Rosie or trying to get to know Tori the lifeguard better. Half an hour of keeping the heart rate way up. Well, I flirted with Hubby for a few minutes but only after I finished my laps.

No more goofing off with Weight Watchers. Write down everything I eat. Plan my menu and print it up and follow it. Go to every weekly meeting. Maybe go to additional meetings per week.

Is my doc tough on me? Probably. Did I need him to be? Definitely. Can I do this? I think that it would drive me to depend on God more than usual. But I hate the blood pressure medications.

I'm wondering what it would be like to lose 10 pounds by November 8th, and then another by December 8th. Perhaps keep pressing on by January 8th, and lose more than the 20 I promised.

The biggest danger is getting complacent and forgetting.

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