Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't grocery shop a lot anymore. I usually run out for fresh veggies and perishables like milk once in a great while. The reason being is because I stock up once or twice a year on staples, usually buying them on sale. But lately, the pantry is getting low and I made a list and headed out to the store. It was overwhelming. I was aware prices had changed, but I wasn't expecting it to be that much.

I made some adjustments--just how important was it to me that I got my favorite brand of mayo that cost almost five dollars a jar, when a store brand was half as much at the price I'm used to paying? Eggs were 99 cents a dozen at Aldi, the warehouse type grocery,compared to almost two bucks at Meijer, the regular grocery store across the street. How lazy must I be to pay for pre-sliced mushrooms at a dollar more when I could slice my own.

Lately, as Dennis and I bow our heads to give thanks for our meals, I've been feeling more grateful than usual. Everything seems to have risen in price, and I wonder if today's prices will be considered a bargain next fall.

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