Saturday, November 29, 2008


It is over. It was crazy. It was fun. It was great. But it is over.

I feel sad about that. One day of a full house, food and cross cultural community is not enough. I want to do this again, often.

I also learned a lot. About other cultures. About myself. About hospitality. About God.

I've spent a few hours quietly thinking about these lessons. Some things went well that day. Some did not, but it wasn't a big deal.

We spent three days getting ready, but we had cleaned up, with a student's help, within an hour. And then spent the evening relaxing together watching a DVD. It was hard to tell that thirty adults and four five-year old girls and an almost one-year old boy were here for five hours, sharing stories, reading books, playing games and eating food. That the tiny kitchen didn't just cook a dozen American traditional dishes but also Chinese dumplings.

And how was God glorified in this? I'm full of memories of walking by quiet conversations about Jesus in English and other languages, of believers and non-believers sharing what they are thankful to God for after hearing a message from the Bible that God is the source of those blessings, of coffee table books with beautiful photography about the Art of God, Jesus and Compassion International being opened and talked about, of four year old girls of the same age having fun although they are of different nationalities, watching family movies from China and South Korea...among many others.

Before the party, Dennis and I prayed together. We realized that even though cash is tight right now for us, we are rich people. Rich in Christ.

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