Monday, December 08, 2008

Being Real

Yesterday, I wanted to talk to someone about sin and grace--and how that affects relationships by stripping off the masks that we hide behind. I didn't think that was an issue until a revealing moment with family. The people who know us best can see beyond those facades we put up, and no one knows us like family. We put our guards down just for a second and find ourselves vulnerable to reactions from scorn to teasing to acceptance. And vice versa.

Being real is often an act of being real. Most of the time, we are protecting our true selves from anything that we fear would bring rejection and shame. It is rare that we feel as though we can share what we really think and feel with the people close to us. It is rare to find someone we really trust to know us, who is ready to go to that stage of intimacy and be known as well.

Throughout the Bible, we discover a God who is willing to deal with us on that level--in the sense that He knows us deeply. It is logical that the Creator is familiar and understanding with His creations. But even more than that, He is letting Himself be known as much as possible within the boundaries of His holiness and righteousness, with a promise that we would know Him better in the life after this one. In the Bible that I read, God seems to care about bringing us closer to Him in every way.

Lately, though, this kind of spirituality is often mocked not just by non-believers but also believers as well. In some magazine articles or books about Christianity, there is a backlash against emotional spiritual relationship with Jesus or sharing "too much information" in small groups. As though having God as a friend would bring Him less glory.

After spending most of my life in pursuit of a closer walk with Him, I'm finding myself holding back a lot about that relationship. To describe to what extent Jesus holds me together not just spiritually and emotionally, but often times, physically and mentally would not seem credible to most of my hearers both Christian and non-Christian, but the fact is He is the reason I am still around at all. He is my only source of love, peace and joy. If He is my light and my salvation, who can be against me? Aye, truely no one, not even myself.

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