Friday, December 19, 2008


Lately, I've been thinking about community. I really desire it, but it is hard for me to see it come about most of the time. My husband is really good at this creating community thing. I don't claim to be. But I think it is time that I examine this and learn how to do it. I live with the perfect role model, so there is no lack of opportunity.

Right now, Dennis is meeting with six men in bible study, all of whom have a different length of relationship with him. One he's known since 1978. Another since 1989. One guy flew in for the holidays, we've known him since 2002. And two young college students that we've known since August of this year. And now, they are all together, spending time in God's Word.

This happened by no accident. We know that God is doing this, not Dennis nor me. But I noticed that Dennis is always on the phone with most of these guys. He doesn't use emails much (like me) nor Facebook. He just uses his voice. And his message to them is pretty much the same. He wants to see them, when can they all get together next? Pretty simple, huh? But the community isn't happening over the phone. It is in that regular time they meet together, whether they are shoveling snow, playing Scrabble, having Bible Study, working out or praying.

The Bible tells me to delight in the Lord, and He will give me the desires of my heart. My desire right now is deeper friendships with women, a spiritual community, more communication, more face to face time and less Facebook. To do things casually and fun. I started having ideas about this after watching "Beyond Belief", a documentary of two widows who lost their husbands when their plane crashed into one of the 9/11 towers and reached out to the widows of Afganistan by raising money for them to start their own businesses and educate their kids. Eventually, they went there, even after their friend, Clementina was kidnapped and released. I coveted the closeness of their relationships, even with women who didn't speak English.

Yup, I'll keep you all posted.

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