Friday, December 12, 2008

For dinner tonight:

Lamb shanks with Cannelli beans

Spinach Salad

Whole wheat baguette


I'm using one lamb shank and dividing the meat in the beans, the baguette is from a trip to Whole Foods in Ann Arbor yesterday and the gingerbread is a mix I got from Trader Joe's during the same aforementioned shopping trip. I went with Shauna, who is a grad student and fellow foodie, as well as Dennis, who had an appointment at the VA hospital. We stopped at Common Grill in Chelsea on the way home. Shauna and I had salads while Dennis dug into the lunch special, broiled whitefish on a bed of rice pilaf.

I was inspired by my trip to Quebec and sharing food with family. No matter what, the kitchen was the heart of the home. Gordon and Sylvie were working, so I had the honor of fixing supper in their ultra clean and organized kitchen. Although they are working parents and don't have much time or energy, the simplicity and efficiency of their kitchen made it a pleasure to cook in. David and Daniele, also working parents, had the same efficiency that made preparing meals a breeze. Both French Canadian families demonstrated the priority that food has in their culture-- to eat well, healthfully and economically. Gordon has an old one cup coffee maker that looks brand new. And nothing is ever wasted.

So, one of my first chores since I've been home is cleaning and organizing the kitchen. Even though it is small, it has a lot of potential if I work harder at making it efficient.

It's been a pleasure to cook ever since.

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