Sunday, December 28, 2008


What I Do
I swam three days straight in a row, each day adding five more laps than the day before. As time allowed. Despite having a free schedule, I managed to be really busy. I long for a day when I can swim as many laps as I want. I won't go with anyone who has to be anywhere or can't handle more than 15 minutes in the pool. I will swim. Take a break. Swim some more. Bring water. A notebook to record the distance. Extra towels, maybe have one warming up in the sauna.

Marathon days.

I have reading marathons, swimming marathons,cleaning marathons, organizing marathons, cooking marathons,writing marathons, prayer marathons...thinking marathons... For me, a few hours at anything and then switching over to something for a few hours else breaks a rhythm and my concentration. I like focus. It's more relaxing to know I have the luxury of time to work on this one thing until I'm satisfied. For a day things might be unbalanced. But I got it done and it got done well. No pesky interruptions, no schedule to keep, just one thing and one thing only. I hate multi-tasking at home.

Val Kilmer and His Pets

I previously posted a couple of clips of Val Kilmer and Dylan from "Masked and Anonymous", a movie that really sucks. I thought they were interesting because of the choice of animals and Dylan's reaction to the rabbit "sacrifice". Kilmer's monologue is edited in such a way that you realize that his character is crazy, not just disillusioned with the human race. Listening to the rant that borders on the truth but doesn't quite get there, it's obvious that something is missing. Man doesn't have a place and being born is a curse. But the rant stops there without indicating the reason why things are not the way they should be. We are "masked and anonymous", our existence is a "mystery", which is true. But we were originally destined for something more and our lives are not supposed to be meaningless. When we are cut off from our purpose, life gets very frustrating indeed. We long for things to make sense. In Kilmer's and Dylan's world, nothing makes sense, everything is decaying and anything goes. That environment is the product of Kilmer's crazy, fuzzy logic. It's almost prophetic.

Thea and Her Pets
Carly and Fred, the two cats, are now buddies. No more hissing threats, territory battles and broken kitty hearts (mainly, Fred's). They play, they conspire in pirate operations in the house, and they are affectionate to each other. Consequently, three is a crowd, and Ginger, the dog, is like the kid on the elementary school playground who lost her best friend. Sometimes, she tries to participate in the pussycat games, but she can't keep up. So, I have been nicer to her than usual, letting her know that even though she's a dog, she's still okay with me. I let her up on the bed while I read. She gets extra treats. She even gets playtime with me. I know what it's like, to be left out. And it's good to enjoy her dogness. Always happy and ready for affection and a good time.

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