Sunday, January 04, 2009

Love This Place

Baby possum came up to our sliding glass door tonight. Carly, Ginger and Fred sat on the inside, barking and hissing their hellos. Baby possum just kept sniffing at the glass, rising up on her hind legs, no fear. She took her time before departing. No rush. Looking over her shoulder. See you guys later?

Winter brings out some of the animals out of the woods and into our backyard. When will the deer will start knocking on the door? And we live well within city limits. This shouldn't be happening, so much wildlife so close. Are people feeding all these critters? Maybe Baby Possum is used to getting treats at our neighbor's glass doors and decided to start networking, in case one supplier decides to take a vacation.

I rented "Winter's Passing", a DVD about a daughter's relationship with her dad who is a famous writer not for the story line (which is good, as well as Ed Harris' portrayal of a grieving man), but because the setting is in Upper Peninsula Michigan. The scenery shots are fabulous, and definately authentically Michigan in the winter. I think I'm starting to really love this place. We've lived here six years, and I'm afraid we haven't enjoyed the state's attractions enough.

I have a list of favorite Michigan places from last year:

1. Boyne Mountain skiing with Sonomi and Yuichi, also visiting the Charlevoix and Petosky area with them.

2. Canoeing in Burchfield Park with Shauna, Corrina and all the dogs--Ginger learned how to swim.

3. We went to Chelsea a few times this year and ate at the Common Grill.

4. I finally learned how to get around Ann Arbor, not easy, still get disoriented sometimes.

Places to go this year:

1. DIA--Detroit Institute of Art

2. Holland--for the tulip festival

3. MoTown!

4. Upper Peninsula--I would love to see Picture Rocks.

5. Zingerman's--famous bakery in Ann Arbor.

6. Cherry blossom time in Traverse City.

Yup, that should do it for now. If gas prices don't get all crazy again too soon.

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