Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gran Torino

We went to see "Gran Torino" Saturday night. Clint Eastwood movie. Made in Michigan. I've liked nearly everything by Eastwood. But this one is the best.

It's been out awhile, so we were surprised that we couldn't find a seat in the auditorium (we hate the previews, so we pretty much slip in 10 minutes late). We ended up in the front row, and there's nothing like a close up of Eastwood's glare while sitting practically next to the screen. Our bad.

Most of the humor is questionable--where you laugh says a lot about yourself. But it isn't meant to be funny ha, ha, it's meant to make you squirm. Well, I did. Because, I don't care who you are, racism is ignorance. And Walter, the character that Eastwood plays, is about as ignorant and racist about his neighborhood as Archie Bunker. But you get to laugh at him, too.

He starts to warm up to his Hmong neighbors and get involved because he cares. In the process, we discover that he isn't who we think he is. And he does, too. Wouldn't it be great if all racist geezers reach down deep inside themselves and find out they have a heart, after all?

Well, do ya', punk?

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