Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Together Through Life

"It's been so long, now you're content to let the days go by; When you were there, you were the answer to my prayers..." from Forgetful Heart , a cut from Bob Dylan's Together Through Life album.

A lot of people, including those who should know better, make the mistake of believing Dylan's music is about Dylan. The fact is that Dylan's music is about music. In his recent interviews before the release of Together, he is explicit about how it isn't all about him. As I'm listening to my CD fresh out of the package, I'm struck how Dylan's band is prominent in the songs. I hear Tony, George, Donny, and Mike all working hard and I believe that Dylan wrote all this for them. Not us, not himself, nor the record company. Sure as heck not the critics. And he gave his friends, Robert Hunter and David Hildago jobs, not easy to find these days even in the recording business.

I was torn on whether or not I was going to buy this CD. My Dylan budget has shrunk for a few months, and I'm not sure that I'll be seeing him in concert this year. I think what finally coaxed me into shelling $9.95 at Target was that good music is hard to come by, and Bob especially has a knack for creating something both old and new at the same time. He said that this particular work is his most intimate or romantic. Okay, sold. I'm in. I'm a woman and nothing is more appealing is hearing a love song. Especially during these days of swine flu, GM going bankrupt and planes flying around NYC where they shouldn't.
And I'm loving it. Most of the CD is comforting, up until we get to "It's All Good", and yeah, I totally agree with Bob. I'm sick of it, too. Thanks for telling it like it is.

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