Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Pink Martini

In English:

My room is a cage

The sun streams through the window,

the bellhops are at my door like

those little soldiers who want to take me away.


I don't want to work,

I don't want to lunch

I only want to forget and so I smoke.

Long ago I knew the smell of love,

a million roses didn't smell as sweet.

Now a single flower in my way makes me sick.


I am not proud of this life that wants to kill me.

It's magnificent to be sympatico

but I have never known this.


In the English version, something is obviously missing. And the Pink Martini video isn't much help in retrieving what is lost in translation, but it is fun in an "Animal Crackers" sort of way.

It does reminds me what some students may go through when they are learning English as a Second Language.

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