Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teach Me To Dance

While we lived in California, I was involved with PWOC, a military wives' Christian fellowship. One of the older women taught us how to dance the Jewish style group dance during our worship time. I've since forgotten unti I watched the last scene of Zorba the Greek.

Zorba and the younger man just lost everything in a disasterous attempt to re-start an abandoned mine that the young man inherited. As they survey the damage in shock, the young man asks Zorba to teach him to dance. Basically, he is really asking the older man how to live. How to have joy that trancends circumstances. And Zorba is more than happy to teach him.

In our focus to fulfill the Great Commission, it's more than just teaching bible facts and principles. It also involves living those truths everyday, and how God's truth shapes our hearts. Are we truly living? In a time of seeing economic realities we never imagined a year ago, are we willing to learn how to dance?

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