Sunday, July 19, 2009

End of Sunday

The sun has set, and I'm listening to the birds in our backyard sing their lullaby to the day. We are waiting for the blueberry pies that Dennis made to bake (mine has the special "S" on it for "splenda").

We worshipped God today with a bunch of people we call our church family. Some of them we know well, some of them we don't. We sat in our conversation and coffee class to discuss today's sermon with a bunch of people we are getting to know. And I had a variety of people who I had conversations with, waved at and/or who just passed me by patting my arm and shoulder. Dennis and I had talked about going to the service only and then splitting out the door right after, but it was hard to do. We were actually energized by being with our church, not drained. We were encouraged to love and serve and honor God in a deeper and more thoughtful way than before.

Which brings me to mention an excellent book by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck "Why We Love the Church". Stuff I knew already, but it was nice to see it all laid out in a logical and theological as well as brutally honest fashion.

But the day is ending, and I have miles of stuff to do before I hit the sack, ready to start a brand new week.

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