Friday, August 28, 2009

Home Life

Why do I like turtles? Because God made them to be home wherever they go.

Today is a rainy day, reminding me of my Seattle years. This would be a fantastic time for a cup of coffee. The aroma and the smell of rain together brings back fond memories. I would go to Starbucks for a grande Verona or anything bold, take a walk to the muffin store on the Ave for something large and decadent and head to Greenlake for a morning with my Bible or my memory Bible verse pack. It didn't matter if it was raining or not. I had a hood on my raincoat and wore 2 sweaters on top of each other. It actually felt cozy to be outside, with my breakfast and time with God. Reading His Word about how much I was loved and how wonderful Jesus is probably added to the warm feeling.

Right now, I am in our living room looking at the rain through the still broken window. The replacement is in, but the installation won't happen until next week. I can't wait. Plywood is covering the hole, and clear plastic is covering the whole window. Our current window has a large segment in the middle plus two narrow windows that slide open on each side. The replacement window will be energy efficient with double hung side windows instead of sliders. We were tempted to replace the triad with two larger double hung windows, but it would impede the view. I was thinking that it would bring down the value of our house to go a cheaper way, and it wouldn't fit the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Dennis was thinking about the cost, mostly because the triad window had to be special ordered.

I finally agreed with my husband that the estimate given to us by Lowes was too high, and I was willing to be patient as Dennis searched out other options. Dennis looked into buying the window from his old employer, Menards, and putting it in himself with the help of friends. He told Lowes why he changed his mind, and they negotiated a lower price. Dennis accepted, because he really didn't want to do the work himelf anyway. Lowes had a stipulation that all windows ordered through them had to be installed by them.

So, by the time the window is installed, it would be a whole month that our house has been an eyesore in the neighborhood. For several weeks, I was upset everytime I rolled up our driveway and saw the wreck from the outside. Nowadays, I don't even notice anymore. Having an imperfection so obvious to all has been good for my humility.

Yesterday, I spent extra time cleaning and vacuuming our home. I rearranged furniture, dusted, organized the laundry room, washed several loads of clothes and cleaned some traffic areas of the carpet. By the time I was done, it was 7pm and time to make dinner. There is still a lot more to do, like organizing the linen closet (again), cleaning the upholstery on the couch in the den, washing the curtains in the living room and dining room, straightening out under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, washing the walls and the woodwork, and mopping the wood floors. I might get to some of that this afternoon. But now, it's time for coffee.

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