Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog Shorts

I've fallen off blogging this month and I am going to try to catch up with a long newsy post. This is not that post.

Reading: I'm reading a ton of books, but one of the most enjoyable is "My Life in France" by Julia Child. I've been meaning to get it once it came out in paperback, but forgot until I saw the movie "Julie and Julia", which I loved. I wished that it was mostly about Child's adventures in cooking instead of sharing the film time about an obsessive young blogger. But the film reminded me of the book I once wanted to read and even inspired me to visit the Julia Child exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute during our anniversary trip to D.C.

Home Life: We have roommates from Uganda and South Korea! And over the weekend we became "party central" for Eid and a Korean style birthday.

Spiritual: God is amazing, loving, good and soveriegn. And a lot more. I feel my need to trust Him with my whole heart.

Marriage: My husband told me that I'm "non-compliant" but a submissive wife at the same time. I don't know what to make of this, especially when he seemed proud of me when he said it. I decided this morning that he was giving me a compliment that I was an independent thinker (much like when we were dating 22 years ago and told me he liked "strong women"), but that I voluntarily supported him even when I thought differently sometimes (calm down, I let him know it) to save us both unnecessary headaches and prolonged arguements over really small issues. Usually with bigger issues, we generally agree. Hmmmm...I married a "servant leader" who sacrifices for me more than I dream of, and I appreciate him so our relationship is a mutually giving one. More about all this, later.

Travel: We went to Washington D.C. by way of Pennsylvania and are going to Montreal this week. We have pictures and will upload them as soon as we've got time.

Health: Some good. Some bad. Some in-between. I see a doctor on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

Coffee: Have you tried Via? Ask your local Starbucks barista about it today.
Hair: Blondes have more fun. Thanks Jessica!!

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