Thursday, September 10, 2009

Every Step I Take

About a month ago, I found out that a 20 minute leisurely walk brought my blood glucose level down faster than an hour of vigorous swimming. It is counterintuitive but I began to walk more and swam a little less, which kept the glucose meter happy. The best walks of the summer were the evening ones right after dinner or the morning ones to the grocery store.

Until I experienced a condition in my foot of plantar fasciitis, or a heel spur, which made even my short shifts at work almost unbearable. When shoe inserts failed to remedy my problem, I took extra time off at work to rest the foot. Nothing seemed to work, so I decided that pain was just going to be a part of my life and that I was going to keep walking no matter what and keep working, too.

I had this before, 20 years ago after Dennis and I were married. I don't remember how it went away, because even though I quit the job that kept me on my feet all day, I still went on long walks by the ocean every day for my daily quiet times and Scripture memory review.

So I went back to a daily swim, until the pool closed for repairs. I will be back at the pool on Saturday when it re-opens. The heel pain is almost gone even though I still walk every day too. I found a really sturdy arch support made of hard plastic which makes me feel like I've got a big rock in my shoe, but it does the trick of keeping the pressure off of the heel spur. When I wake up in the morning I no longer feel like I'm going to collapse on the floor in agony when I make my first steps, even though I stretch before getting out of bed.

So, now I am thankful for every pain free step I now take.

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