Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Family Pictures

I have several nieces and nephews--all adorable and amazing. My nieces in Oregon are Nicole, Amanda and Kelly. While Kelly is still in high school in Astoria, her older sisters are studying forestry at University of Oregon in Eugene and fight fires in their spare time. I have a nephew and niece who grew up in Southern California--Brett and Keela. Brett is a freshly minted Marine and Keela is going to college in San Diego. I have two nieces and a nephew who grew up in Colorado. Phoebe attends college in Florida, while her younger siblings, Logan and Daisy are in High School in Boulder. My youngest nieces and nephew, Kalea, Noah and Jonna, are in Central California near Fresno, south of Sacramento.

My nephew, Brett.

Brett with his mom and my sister; with his Grandpa; with his sister.

Brett and his lovely girlfriend, Jenna.

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