Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yesterday, on a walk in a different street from my usual route, I noticed how a simple ranch style 1950's house looked like some kind of confection with its light cream colored siding, white trim surrounded by pristine white snow and dusted with snow on its roof. Although it could have been bland, it sort of glowed. I don't know if the owners intended it to look so sweet like that in the winter time, or maybe it was just me or the way the light happened to hit it at that moment. The clean simplicity was refreshing to see.

Next month, I'm going to be studying Cynthia Heald's bible study "Becoming a Woman of Simplicity". I'm not sure what to expect, but right now I'm desiring a change in my life towards scaling down on things that are becoming clutter, emotionally and physically.

I'm at the point right now in my life that there is just too much accummulation. I don't know how it all got here (not by me, surely?) but I want so badly to get rid of it. If my pack rat hubby would allow it! This will be an interesting process.

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