Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Reality Check

What is going on with the LeBlanc's right now? We are struggling and getting blessed at the same time, as well as prayerfully and hopefully blessing others.

Dennis lost his job. And it turned out to be not the end of the world. He's studying for selling insurance again, for Aflac, and after the test will be trained in January. There are many more possibilities as well. More about those later. It's been comforting to see God work these things out for good.

Before he was fired, Dennis knew for a long time that it was coming. He was thinking that it would happen in January, but was shocked that it happened a lot sooner. But he saved a lot of money to prepare for a long haul, at least a year. That shocked me. He spent many months telling me we can't afford this or that. Honestly, he didn't mean to be secretive. He just did what he always does--he tells me every once in awhile and I forgot about it.

Initially, I was upset, though, even when he told me we had a financial cushion. We had a nice routine going, and it was a challenge to my sense of security that his paychecks were coming to an end. He was saving money even by walking or biking to work. A few weeks ago, on my way home from work, I was panicing in my car while waiting for a light to turn green. Dennis had no job, bills would be coming soon and how long could our savings hold out if something went terribly wrong? I suddenly felt very vulnerable.

And really, that is the truth, we are all vulnerable. This was not a bad thing to realize. I calmed down with the thought that we would do our best, and that Dennis needed my encouragement. After the light turned, it hit me that I needed to depend on God more than I knew. My focus had to be on God's faithfulness to His children, even if things are really difficult. In the meantime, Dennis and I had to proceed wisely and work hard.

A couple of days ago, we crunched our numbers on our budget status. We made some hard decisions. We are going to do our best to remedy the situation, and trust God for strength to keep going. But all around, we are fine. I am so thankful.

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