Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pizza Love

I'm a pizza fanatic--any kind, any where. There are two reasons that I thank God that He created Italians--that they invented espresso and pizza. I want to go to Italy some day chiefly to experience both these pleasures in their original (not American) forms. Yet one of the things about pizza that I really appreciate is how creative you can be with what you put on it.

I'm making Easter brunch plans, we're having people over from other countries and who've never experienced the holiday before. What to eat is kind of tricky--other cultures have different food restrictions. Pork is a big minefield. Eggs are sometimes iffy--we have Hindu friends we want to invite who can't eat them. I usually make ham or breakfast egg and sausage casserole, but this year it would be inappropriate.

One of the candidates to replace or augment the old reliable casserole is Breakfast Pizza. I've seen some versions with scrambled eggs, but Smitten Kitchen's version has my attention with a raw egg baked on top with bacon. I'm thinking about using some other meat, like turkey bacon instead. I can prepare the pizza dough the night before and then have it ready the next morning for people to choose their own toppings, sans eggs or bacon or baconlike ingredients if they wish. There might be kids, so assembling a pizza could be fun for them, (along with decorating eggs). The pizzas take only 8-10 minutes to bake.

We'll have fruit salad, some veggies like asparagus, couscous and bruschetta on the side. If we have the money, we'll grill some lamb which some cultures are very familiar with. If it's a nice day, we could bring the whole shebang out on the deck but I can't recall a sunny Michigan Easter. If it isn't, we'll eat indoors and watch the Jesus film. I'm hoping that our guests will always remember this Easter--when they experienced some American hospitality, the Gospel and Breakfast Pizza.

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