Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Truth Sets Us Free

The hardest lies to deal with are the ones we tell ourselves. We know what the truth is, but we either sugarcoat it or flat out deny it. We build fantasies and exclude any hard cold realities that would confront it. We all do this, in varying degrees and styles. It's a survival mechanism, especially if we want to protect something or someone but more likely, protect ourselves. But then it can really be destructive because we try to protect ourselves at all costs, to the point that we would sacrifice someone else to do it.

For me, having people around who are not afraid to tell me that I'm fooling myself is invaluable. I prefer to have friends who are not afraid to hurt me for my own good. A long time ago, such a friend showed me my craziness and when I thanked her for it, she smiled and said that she ordinarily wouldn't confront people unless she knew they'd listen. My sisters and brother are also good sources of feedback--I need people who can ask me "What were you thinking?" I may not always agree, but it is good to know what people whom I love and trust are concerned about. For me, the ultimate in a relationship is loving someone else enough to help them see the truth while accepting them at the same time and putting up with their defensiveness. When I have that and can give that, then I know I have a real friendship.

These friends are not easy to find, and take a lot of time to cultivate once you do. So, I thank all my closest friends and family out there. Especially those of you who know the Gospel and live it every day. And thank you to God, who taught me to love the truth because He does, and that I can face it when I put my trust in Him. He liberates me.

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