Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Her Heart

Ney Bailey has a newsletter that she puts out a couple times a year. Since meeting her in California 20 years ago I've been receiving it whether I forwarded my new address or not (and there have been many, many address changes). I'm glad.

In this season's letter, Ney quotes from William R. Newell's Romans Verse-by-Verse, words she carries around and tries to memorize. Here are a few:

"Grace is God acting freely, according to His own nature as Love; with no promises or obligations to fulfill; and acting of course, righteously---in view of the cross."

"Grace, therefore, is uncaused in the recipient: its cause lies whooly in the GIVER, in GOD."

"Grace, once bestowed, is not withdrawn; for God knew all the human exigencies beforehand; His action was independent of them, not dependent upon them."

"To believe and to consent to be loved while unworthy is the great secret"

"There is no cause in the creature why Grace should be shown, the creature must be brought off from trying to give cause to God for His Grace."

"The discovery by the creature that he is truly the object of Divine grace, works the utmost humility, for the receiver of grace is brought to know his own absolute unworthiness, and his complete inability to attain worthiness: yet he finds himself blessed--on another principle, outside himself."

"He has been accepted in Christ, who is his standing."

"He is not 'on probation'."

"Real devotion to God arises, not from man's will to show it; but from the discovery that blessing has been received from God while we were yet unworthy and undevoted."

On the bottom of the newsletter, Ney has a footnote:

"William R. Newell, Romans Verse-by-Verse, Kregel Pulications, 1994, pp. 245-247 (Originally published: Chicago: Grace Publications, 1945.) These words were taken from Newell's commentary at the end of Romans Chapter 6in a section titled "A Few Words About Grace"."

I hope you are encouraged about God's grace as I am.