Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 21st Anniversary, Dennis!

One of the biggest surprises in life is finding out who is most compatible with you. Sometimes it isn't the things I have in common with Dennis that makes our marriage work, often it is those things that we have least in common. If you lined up all available bachelors in front of me at 21 years of age and I had to choose which one I would eventually marry in six years, Dennis would not have made the cut. In six years time, he became the only choice I would seriously consider. I watched him handle difficult life situations during those six years, and I knew solid character when I saw it. But I also saw someone who loved people, was fun and excited about life.

I wondered for awhile though, what kind of marriage it would be between a man of action and a woman of endless reflection. I had no idea, but I thought it would be interesting research. My conclusion after 21 years of experimenting on that hypothesis is that marrying Dennis is the best idea I've ever had. We allowed each other to rub off each other a little--Dennis has since become more thoughtful and I can sometimes get stuff done. But mostly, we are more effective when we are ourselves with Dennis following up on if I accomplished what I'm supposed to do and I ask the right questions before he leaps off into a brand new task.

We've had plenty in common, though. But it is those differences that I most appreciate. Adele sings about them in her song "The Same". Enjoy.


Christy said...

Happy anniversary to y'all!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! I like you two a lot!