Wednesday, October 06, 2010

About Ruth

I began writing a story in August and just finished it tonight. I led an international women's bible study this summer in The Book of Ruth and The Book of Esther, which were the sources of my inspiration. You can read it here:

This particular scene comes from my meditation about Ruth's mindset as she prepared to accompany Naomi and Orpah on the road back to Bethlehem. I wondered how she felt about Naomi and about what Naomi taught her. I wondered about her struggles and how she dealt with them. I wondered about her desires, and how these desires were a foreshadow of what was to come--her great grandchild was King David, an ancestor of Jesus' bloodline.

It was a lot of work for just these paragraphs, not sure if I have the time to invest more. But if the process helps me meditate on God's word, then it might not be a waste of time.

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