Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Blessing of Ruth

The first time I read The Book of Ruth was in college, in my sophmore year. Her story stayed with me for weeks after my first, second and third readings. Whenever I needed encouragement, especially about romantic relationships, that was where I went. I didn't understand everything with the book, but I learned something new as a young believer with every reading. If there ever was a Biblical character I wanted to be like, Ruth was the one. I still do, but sometimes, I feel more like Naomi.

After I started my narrative about The Book of Ruth several months ago, I discovered poems written by John Piper about Ruth. Then I found that these poems were based on his book about her called A Sweet and Bitter Providence. In the lounge area of the Meijer's today, I downloaded a copy onto my Kindle reader and read the first two chapters on my walk home from the store.

An encouraging excerpt:

"The mood of American life today is, If it feels good, do it, and away with guilt-producing, puritanical principles of chastity and faithfulness. But I say to you who are unmarried, if the stars are shining in their beauty, and your blood is thudding like a hammer, and you are safe in the privacy of your place, stop....for the sake of righteousness. Let the morning dawn on your purity.

My narratives about the characters in Ruth were mainly an exercise in meditation. The exercise brought me to places of understanding Scripture that I didn't have before. And it makes me want to know more.

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