Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Awesome Adventures of Dana the Ninth Grader, part 8

"Did you have a "marmot moment" on the hike, Dana?" Kellie was warming her bootclad feet at the fireplace. The clouds had come in and the temperature was dropping in the late afternoon. Dana sat next to her on a rough hewn bench. The hike was easy and she had gotten some ideas for the essay she wanted to write for her project while on the mountain ridge.

"Almost." She patted her friend on the shoulder, "So, did God talk to you while you were up there?"

"Yeah, God told me not to murder that Lipovsky kid up there. He was throwing pebbles at me while I was trying to think. I even gave him one of my famous killer looks, but he just laughed! I went up the ridge and sat next to Mr. Branson. It was a better angle for pictures, anyway."

"He was trying to get your attention, Kellie. You know how these boys are--such babies!"

"I know! Grow up already! I think I've got little pebbles stuck in my hair, too. So annoying. Really, it took all I had not to go up there and do something violent!" Kellie started to look through her fluffy hair and sighed and gave up. "I was really looking forward to having a "marmot experience", too. I was so disappointed because all I could think of was how irritated I was."

Dana found a pebble trapped in Kellie's curls and pulled it out gently.

"Hey, Kellie, I'll get up early with you early tomorrow morning and watch the sunrise. Maybe you'll get your moment then... I promise not to throw little stones at you."

Kellie gave Dana a big hug. "Thanks, thanks and thanks! I'm a morning person anyway!"

"But we have to share about our projects tonight during the fire circle. What are you going to say then?"

"Oh plenty, I never run out of stuff to say. Speaking my mind comes naturally." Kellie looked around, "Hey come with me, I've got an idea." She grabbed her camera. "It's revenge time on that Lipovsky kid!"

Dana had a bad feeling about this. But Kellie looked like she was very mad and very determined. What could she say to make her change her mind and forget about her anger? Dana got up and started to follow, trying to think of how to divert her friend from whatever shenanigans she was cooking up.

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