Monday, July 11, 2011

Blogging versus Living?

Dennis and I were without a computer and internet access in our home for a few months.  We were sustained by Den's Blackberry for awhile, but its limitations included a short battery life and small screen size.  Which adds up to poor support for significant blogging activity--reading or writing.  I could start posting and then be interrupted by an incoming phone call, which are frequent.  My husband loves talking on the phone.  I think it is his spiritual gift. 

So what did I do with all my extra time that used to be blogging time?  Let me numerate the ways:

  1. My closets are immaculate and organized.  My dresser drawers are neat and also organized.
  2. I've got lots of roses in the garden.
  3. I've been reading C.S. Lewis from real books.
  4. I've read everything on my Kindle.
  5. I am caught up in my sleep.
  6. My to-do list everyday gets finished.
  7. No dirty dish is left in the sink longer than 10 minutes or more than 15 minutes after the meal has finished.  Dishwasher gets unloaded everyday.
  8. No laundry in baskets waiting longer than a day to get folded.
I'm doing stuff, in other words.  For every blog I publish, there is something (somethings) that didn't get done.   Or something I'm depriving myself of (see #5).  I forgot about the pleasure of opening my closet door and being able to find everything I want to find. And finding the right socks for the right activity without having to dig through the ones that lost their mates a few years ago or have holes in the heel.  Or having enough eye contact solution every morning without having forgotten to get some the day before when I was getting too low because I was thinking about a subject to blog about.  Blogging was fun, but my life was a mess.  And I'm not even getting into the effect this blogging distraction had in my marriage.  Let's just say I feel more connected with Dennis.

Perhaps I could strike a sane balance between writing and living.  I'm not sure, because my focus works like a laser.  Imbalance is not so much a lifestyle as much as a personality trait.  I'm 49, and I know what I'm like.  In some ways, the laser-like concentration is a blessing, but  it is hard to control.  I've accepted that I am an INTP (without the genius part), and God has worked in my life to broaden my experiences (a life-long prayer for myself).  Where to take that INTP tendency, I don't know.  Blogging is a good outlet for it, and I appreciate that gift.  Perhaps the problem isn't blogging versus living, because if I didn't have a life, there would be nothing to blog about. 

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