Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On the way home tonight, I caught a glimpse of magical cows on the corner of Hagadorn and Jolly.  Well, they were actually Black Angus cows.  Their silhouettes were against the beautiful rose, orange and violet sunset, the grassy knoll was a deep tinge of green and the fireflies flickered as they grazed.  It was worthy of a photo if I had a camera and by the time I remembered that the phone came with one, the light changed and I was holding up traffic. 

Sometimes, life looks like a page right out of a Harry Potter novel.  Not often, but enough.  When I see something like that, it feels like a gift from God.  It calms me down and reminds me that He's here.  It was so beautiful, that I almost turned around and went back, but I realized that the moment was over, never to return.  I'll have that picture in my heart for the rest of my life, though. 

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