Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This week's coffee mark out

One of the perks of my 10th year anniversary of working for Starbucks is a free weekly mark out of coffee for the rest of my life, even after I quit the job.  It will be my 12th anniversary coming up on the end of July.  Today, one of my old managers came in with her mom and two year old son on their way home to Detroit from vacation.  Eight years ago, I told her how I didn't like the coffee from Guatemala.  She prepared a french press of Guatemala Antigua, and during a special tasting just for me, successfully persuaded me to appreciate its fine elegance.  In honor of her, this week's mark out is Guatemala Antigua.  Thank you, Heather Alsip!

This coffee is a single origin bean with a medium strength.  I think as I have gotten older, I've grown to like the less bold coffees.  Guatemala Antigua is complex with a soft acidity and a little cocoa/chocolate tone.  It doesn't bite like most Latin American coffees, but it does linger a bit towards the back of my palate.  This is what I first objected to, until Heather had me taste a little cocoa powder and then sip my coffee.  The sensation was amazing.  It wasn't bitter, but a totally different taste profile that I had never experienced before.  This coffee is meant to enjoy with a chocolate croissant or toast with Nutella spread on top it.  Or have a chocolate biscotti for dunking. 

I dedicate this tasting to my friends from Guatemala--Oscar, Delia and Ricardo!

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