Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hubert Laws - Scheherazade

I'm listening to Hubert Laws.  I discovered him, a wonderful jazz flutist, in the 1970's.  Back when I barely knew what jazz was, but was falling in love with it rather quickly.  I still have the album somewhere in the basement.  Some time ago, I acquired the CD after years of searching. Scheherazade my favorite track.  Its on my IPod now.

It was a fluke to find the album, I was just perusing albums at The Wherehouse while with my family in Seattle when I was still in high school.  Most kids my age were into disco, pop or metal.  Maybe it was the excitement of hearing a flute being played in something other than a concert band piece, but I put down my hard earned money from flipping burgers on weekends at A&W drive-in.  Fifteen whole dollars and some cents.  That was five hours of greasy spoon labor.  But years worth of musical formation and enjoyment.

And, I managed to save money for a car and college, too.